Monday, June 10, 2013

Waiting for the Roar

To be fair I know nothing about golf.  However I do have one experience with  the US Open.  It involves childbirth.
Seven years ago Phil Mickelson was supposed to win and I was desperately trying to end 30 plus hours of labor.  It could have gone smoother.  That would have required at least one person in the room actually looking at me and not the television.  Yes, that does include my husband as well!
June, 18th 2006 the baby was finally born.  Phil lost it all on the 18th hole.  That is what I know about golf.  
Three boys, two dogs and eight fish later, the US Open is once again an unavoidable presence in my life!  as I think back, I remember the onslaught of emotions.  The hopes and fears of parenthood.  I can't help thinking that at this time, on this day, Some of us may be experiencing the same thoughts.  Only this time it's about golf and our town.  Our capacity to handle these new set of circumstances.  In other words, our baby, The US Open.
And after all the anticipation, hopes and dreams, fears and trepidation it seems as though we will all get through it!  
Yes, it's pouring rain.  Yes, today is a practice day.  But, we seem prepared.  The traffic is flowing, the roadblocks are out, police are present and Tiger was on the greens.  
Kind of like watching a sleeping baby in those first blissful days of parenthood.  The diapers are stacked, clothes washed and ready and the grandmothers are ready for action.  We've got this all under control.  Right?

Only time will tell.  On Thursday, the baby wakes up.  

By Melissa Morgan

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